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Museum and Public Event


Special Issue 

Museum and Public Event

• Museum and Public Event: Interview of Guan Qiang (Deputy Director of the National Cultural Heritage Administration) 

Museum Editorial Office

• Museum and Public Event Theme Interview

Chen Zhuo / Luo Xiangjun / Cai Qin/Song Xiangguang / Zhang Yuancheng / Xiao Haiming / Zhou Wei / Yang Rui

• Museum's Functions for Collective Memory in the Context of COVID-19

An Laishun

• Collecting Today for Tomorrow: COVID-19, Museum Mission and Agents of Social Inclusion

Pan Shouyong

• The Service of Public Knowledge: Rethink on the Public Responsibility of Museum

Xu Ling / Wang Chengyuan

 Analyzing the Design Concept of the National Museum of African American History and Culture 

Hou Ningbin

• Museums in the Digital Era: Rethinking under Social Public Events

Bai Jie

Theoretical Research

• The Future of Tradition: Reflections on the Construction of Contemporary Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum

Zhu Lili

 Some Reflection on the Construction of Seaweed House Traditional Village Ecomuseum in Weihai

Lyu Weitao

 Female Cultural Heritage under the View of Anthropology: Memory in the Bronze Buckle of Shizhaishan Culture

Shen Ning

• The Piece-mould Casting Mode of Circular Form Bronzes in the Late Shang Dynasty and the Early Zhou Dynasty and the Reproduction of Great Yu Tripod

Zhang Pengyu

 Preliminary Scientific Analyses and Studies of Bronze Wares Unearthed from the Gejiagou Site, Xichuan County, Nanyang City  

Zeng Qingshuo / Chen Dian / Cui Benxin / Luo Wugan

• Another Study on the Black Impregnation Phenomena Called "Mercury Seeps”in Some Jades Unearthed from the Tombs of Chu Region Hunan in Warring States Period

Zhao Ruiting / Yu Ping / Shao Fang / Li Yuling / Zhang Xuege

Museum Practice

• People, Things and Daily Life: The Thinking about the Exhibition and Inheritance of Traditional Craftsmanship

Li Jiguang

•"Internet+ Museum's Heritage Education": Illustrated by Technique Training in China National Silk Museum

Yu Nannan

Thoughts on the Present Status and Development of Small and Medium Museums in China

Wang Huanwen

An Approach to the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage by Japanese Folk Museum

Fang Yun

An Analysis about the Design Concept of the National Museum of African American History and Culture

Qin Qing