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Museum Towards the Future


Special Issue 

Museum Towards the Future

• Uniqueness and Participation: The Study on the Local Museums Towards the Future 

Zhao Huijun 

• The Museum of the Future Addresses 

M. Elizabeth Weiser

 The Diplomatic Potential of Museums 

Sascha Priewe

• From Tradition to Modern Time: The Display and Interpretation of Religious Cultural Relics from Museum Perspective 

Chen Kuoning 

• Is the 'New' Museum Definition Broken?——Critical Reflections on the New Museum Definition Proposed on ICOM Kyoto 2019 

Vincent Noce / Steven Engelsman 

Translated by Zhang Junlong 

• A Museological Future as a Cultural Hub: Interpretive Planning for Living Heritage 

Yun Shun Susie Chung

• Museum Development in Different Contexts: From Western to China 

Wang Siyu

Theoretical Research

• The Fujian Brown-Black-Glazed Ceramics Found on Xin’an Shipwreck 

Li Rongqing

• The Shapes, Reasons and Influences of the Exportation of Ming and Qing Dynasties Dehua Kiln Porcelain 

Huang Jing

• Collections and Public Programs of China’s Early Museums: A Study on the Shanghai Museum (R.A.S.) 

Liu Shourou

• An Incomplete Manuscript of the Diary of Guo Bi and Its Editions 

Long Xiaofei

• A Study Focusing on the Modern Wedding Etiquette List in the Republic of China Preserved in the China National Museum of Women and Children 

He Yuexin

• The Research on Anhui Guild Hall in Beijing and the Stone Inscriptions of Zhu Xi’s Calligraphy 

Zhang Yunyan


Museum Practice

 How to Play the Features and Advantages of Natural History Museum Education for the Combination of Museum and School 

Liu Li / Li Xiaodan / Jiang Xue

• Analysis of Planning and Implementation of Museum Exhibition in the Perspective of Education and Communication: In the Case of My Natural Treasure Box Exhibition 

Liu Zhe / Zhao Yan

• The Application of Dramaturgy in Museum Communication 

Hu Ying 

 Conservation in the Design and Manufacture of Support in Exhibition: Systematic and Modular Design of Exhibition Equipment 

Liu Yanqi / Cao Hong / Wang Weihua / Lu Jing

• A Brief Discussion on Protecting Rights of Museum Registered Trademarks 

Wang Yuefang

Exhibition Review

• The Reconstruction of Traumatic Memory in the Case of Nanjing Museum of the Site of Lijixiang Comfort Stations from the View of Museum Context

Sun Hongfang

• From Cradle to the Ocean: The Story of Shipwreck Cultural Relics from Dinghai Bay, Lianjiang, Fujian Exhibition 

Li Jian’an