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Archaeological Site Museum and Archaeological Site Park


Special Issue

Archaeological Site Museum and Archaeological Site Park

• Site Museums in a Time of Heritage Parks

Wang Renyu

• Discussion on the Construction of Symbol in Archaeological Site Park

Zheng Manli

• Research on the Application of Oral History in Site Museums

Chen Hailin

• Reflections on the Park of the Archaeological Site and Construction of the Museum of the Yanshi Shang City Site

Yuan Guangkuo / Guo Ziyue

• Practice and Consideration on the Construction of Yangzhou Archaeological Site Park

Yu Guojiang / Zhang Chun

• A Visualized Analysis on the Academic Literature of the Site Museums 

Kong Lining / Pei Mengfei

Theoretical Research

From the Scepter to the Bird Scepter: Evolution of the Symbolic Meaning of the “Rod” 

Xia Caiyi

• Study on the Bronze Cauldrons of Kashgar Museum

Wang Xiaohua

• A Study on the Stone Weights Unearthed from the Tombs of the King of Chu in Shizishan

He Guojuan / Liu Cong

• Textural Research on Xue's Epitaph of Tang Dynasty

Han Ge

• Discussion on the Construction and Maintenance of Sheng De Shen Gong Monument Building of Chang Qing Tombs

Zhao Xingkun

• Knowledge of the Relationship Between Archaeology and Epigraphy in the First Half of the 20th Century

Xiao Yu

• Observe the Modernity of Modern Chinese Museums Through the Young Companion 

Li Nan

Museum Practice

• Exploration of the Development Path of University Museum: Taking the Academic Support and Higher Education as the Entry Point

Ma Saiping / Chen Yan

• The Study on the Construction of Museum Credibility

Wang Zixuan

• Analysis on the Optimization and Innovation of Introduced Exhibitions Themed on History and Culture: Taking the Selected Artifacts from the Maritime Silk Road Exhibition as an Example

Zhang Yuanyuan

• From the Different Artistic Expressions of the Same Image to Discuss the Traditional Culture's Development and Spread: Taking the Wood Carving Board of Cai Shi Ji Collected in Anhui Museum as an Example

Zhou Yuan

• Report on the Investigation of Ancient Kiln Sites in Lushan, Jiaxian, Ruzhou and Jiaozuo of Henan Province

Zhu Hongqiu