Spacetime Travel of Cultural Heritages
September 26, 2020 – November 15, 2020 9:00 - 17:00 (closed on Mondays) Room A, B1
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Part II. Standards Formed: Ration and Order

War and order are two common subjects in our history textbooks. The founding of the Qin Dynasty was the result of epic wars and dramatic changes in institutions. Qin defeated six other states in ten years, putting an end to the situation in which feudal lords obtained regional autonomy and kept contending for the throne. Eventually, this established the first autocratic monarchy in the history of China.

The Qin Dynasty put into effect an array of institutions and orders that emphasized on hierarchy, realizing the transitions from the Subinfeudation System to the Commandery-County System and from the Patriarch System to an approach where the virtuous and the capable come first, and therefore, from a "segmented nation" to a "unified empire." This ushered in a new age of institutional rationality to ancient China. Let's perceive the valiance and order as well as the ardor and resourcefulness of the first dynasty's great unity.

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