Love in Quadrangle Courtyards, Romance in Folklore Exhibition

August 25, 2020 18: 00-21: 00 Information Counter of the Ceremony Hall of the Capital Museum 30 couples (aged 20-60), 60 people in total

Double Seventh Festival

The seventh night of the seventh month of the Chinese lunar calendar, when the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl are said to reunite, is commonly known as Double Seventh Festival (known as the Chinese Valentine's Day). In ancient times, young girls would beg the Weaver Girl for added dexterity in their needlework on this day, hence its other name, the Begging Festival (Qiqiao Festival). Thanks to the celestial couple's moving story, the festival now acts as a symbol of love and is considered China's most romantic traditional festival.

Double Seventh Festival falls on August 25th in the year 2020, during which a special evening event will be staged at the Capital Museum where couples can celebrate the festival with their special date. 

Evening Event on the Double Seventh Festival at Capital Museum

The Capital Museum is taking reservations for up to 200 people for the evening event, which is free of charge. Attendees will receive a commemorative ticket specially designed for the festival at the entrance. Additionally, instructors will offer free services at the exhibition hall titled"Traditions of the Capital: An Exhibition of Old Beijing Folklore," to provide attendees with a heightened romantic cultural experience.

Special events on Double Seventh Festival

Love in Quadrangle Courtyards on Double Seventh Festival

Floral-pendant gates and matrimonial room at Capital Museum's exhibition room

This special event will be co-hosted by the Capital Museum, the Beijing Publishing House, the China Machine Press, and the Capital Museum Cultural Development Co., Ltd. Love. One element of the event will highlight traditional Chinese courtyard culture, emphasizing tenderness between lovers and kin and symbolizing harmony in both family and marriage. Thirty couples will be invited to the event and together will build a model in the shape of a floral-pendant gate, reciting family stories before browsing the corresponding folklore exhibition room and selecting the architecture that best represents the model that they build. Couples will also learn about different folklore stories and be invited to exchange opinions and emotions, all the while having the chance to win exquisite prizes.

Modeling of floral-pendant gate

At the event, Beijing Publishing House will offer participants complimentary books, which include Beijing Quadrangle Courtyards, Delicacies from Old Beijing, Calico Cat on the Roof, Life In Hutong, Native Speaks to Children about Beijing, and other fascinating tales that have manifested from the culture and folklore of old Beijing. Beijing Publishing House will also showcase and sell other titles at the event. Together, let's spend a culture-imbued night to celebrate the Double Seventh Festival!


Registration Date: August 25, 2020 18: 00-21: 00

Electronic sign-in and collection of commemorative cards will take place at the Information Counter of the Ceremony Hall of the Capital Museum.