Historic Buildings Along the Central Axis of Beijing

October 31, 2020 18:00-19:30 B1, Multifunctional Room, Capital Museum 120 people

Upcoming Lecture | Lecture Series on Exhibition "Reading the City"


Season I: Exploring the Central Axis of Beijing 

Lecture VII: Historic Buildings Along the Central Axis of Beijing

This lecture will have four parts introducing historic buildings along the Central Axis of Beijing from south to north and their cultural characteristics. 1. From the eternal stability to the times of the zenith sun (Yongdingmen Gate, Tianqiao Street, Imperial Road, Zhengyangmen Gate); 2. People as the masters of the country (Tian'anmen, Monument to the People's Heroes, National Museum of China and the Great Hall of the People); 3. The imperial palace of the Ming and Qing dynasties (The Forbidden City); 4. The sound of harmonious and livable (Jingshan Mountain, Wanning Bridge, Drum Tower and Bell Tower).

Lecturer: Li Jianping

Li Jianping is former deputy director and researcher of the Beijing Municipal Philosophy and Social Science Planning Office, and currently chair of the Beijing History Research Association. He specializes in study of Beijing's history and culture and is acknowledged as an expert on the Central Axis of Beijing. He was invited to participate in the CCTV television series"Lecture Room" and"Journey of Civilization" to present such lectures as"Charming Beijing, Rhythmic Central Axis","Mysteries of the Central Axis of Beijing" and"Mysteries of the Forbidden City". He has published more than 100 articles on Beijing's history and culture, including his outstanding works The Charm of Central Axis of Beijing, Beijing Cultural Heritage, and Imperial City–Walking into City of Beijing, etc. He is an Excellent Member and Distinguished Professor of the Beijing Science Popularization Report Team, spending a good part of the year giving lectures on Beijing's history and culture at higher education institutions and municipal party schools in Beijing.

This lecture brings to an end the Season I of Lecture Series on Exhibition"Reading the City". Let's Look forward to the Season II.


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