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Theories and Practices of Museum Exhibition and Display


Special Issue

Theories and Practices of Museum Exhibition and Display

Principles of Museum Exhibition and Display: Concentrated, Professional and Persistent

Zhang Yana / Li Jiguang

 The Revealed and the Concealed on Cultural Displays

Wang Mingming

• Products, Projects and Events: Three New Views about Temporary Exhibition-making

Chen Tongle

• The Job Responsibility and Role of Curator in the Context of Western Museums

Guo Meixia

• Breaking Boundaries: A Case Study of Experimental Exhibition-making at the Hangzhou Arts and Crafts Museum

Xu Xiaoxiao

• Emotion Interpretation and Performance of Museum Academic Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition

Lan Wufang

• The Research on Exhibiting Vulgar Culture

Lu Xinxin

Theoretical Research

• Discussion on the Social Background of the Construction of the East Tower of Yongzuo Temple in Taiyuan

Li Qingling

• Research on Gold-Plated Bronze Statue of Water and Moon Kuan-yin Unearthed from Jinhua Wanfo Pagoda in Zhejiang Province: The Evolution of Water and Moon Kuan-yin Statue

Zhang Meng

• New Research on Song Fang Shenyan Epitaph

Zhao Lei

• A Review of the Study on the Owners of the Stone Relief Tombs in Yi'nan, Shandong Province

Lang Xiandong

Museum Practice

• Analysis on Business Divide of Public-private-partnership of State-owned Museum: A Case Study on Museum of Taiwan Province and Korea

Ding Yizhe

• The Exploration of the Design of the Museum Learning Support System

Xu Shujing / Li Zhihe

• The Way to Realize the Development of Museum Curriculum Resources from the Perspective of Collaborations Between Museums and Schools

Zhao Jing

• Three Virtual Exhibitions of the British Museum Have a Creative Influence on Chinese Museums

Wang Qi

• The Implementation of Virtual Roaming Exhibition with Light Field Technology: A Case Study of Shanghai Museum

Gao Yuejun

• Upgrading and Reconstructing the Lighting Project, Show the Beauty of Ancient Architecture Museum: Taking Beijing Cultural Exchange Museum as an Example

Yang Wei

• The Corrosive Air Pollution of the Environment of Maritime Silk Road Museum of Guangdong

Geng Miao

• The Development Strategy of Museum Creation Industry in China: Based on the Competition Analysis of Cultural and Creative Works of the Palace Museums in Beijing and Taipei

Li Wei

Book Review

• Review of Professor Wang Zijin's Illustrated History of Children in Qin and Han Dynasties

Li Lanfang