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Gold, Silver and Currency System



Based on the Cause of Chinese Archaeology, Promoting the Spread of Chinese Civilization

Special Issue 

Gold, Silver and  Currency System

• Brief Study on Gold Leaves Unearthed from NanhaiⅠ Shipwreck 

Li Yan

• Tea-horse-trade and Related Silver Scyee in Southern Song Dynasty

Liu Xiang

• Interpretation of Ming Dynasty Princes' Silver Scyee

Li Xiaoping

• Jinhuayin Ingredient Analysis of Ming Dynasty: Taking the Collection of Shanghai  Museum as an Example

Wu Danmin

• The Similarities and Differences of Property and Tax System Between Song and Ming  Dynasties Based on Silver Scyee Inscriptions

Chen Yang

• The Big Foreign Gold Ingots Imported into China in the 1940s

Jin Deping

Theoretical Research

• The Research on the Change of Parent Agency of Wen Yuan Ge in 1925

Ning Xiao / Li Cong

• Addendum to Historical Data on the Preparation for Henan Museum in the 1920s

Niu Aihong

• Research of University Museums in the Republic of China (1912-1949)

Shi Yong

• Improved Think Pattern of Museum Development in the New Era: Taking Shanxi  Museun as an Example

Yang Jing

• The Definition and Understanding of Museum "Field Trip"

Zhou Jingjing / Guo Chuanhui

• Analysis of IP and Brand Relationship in the Context of Museum Authorization

Wang Yajun

Museum Practice

• The Formation of Collection in U.S. Museums: A Case Study of Chinese Painting and  Calligraphy Collection at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Lu Yangkun

• Thoughts on Improving the Registration System of Non-State Owned Museums: Inspired by International Practices

Li Wuyan

• Exploration and Practice of Museum's Communication: Taking Reading Invitation & Archaeologists as an Example

Li Ping

• The Cross-border of Traditional Culture and Art Resources of Museum and Games  from the Mobile Game of Ink, Mountains and Mystery

Liu Kanglin

• Establishment and Consideration of the Independent Risk Control Mechanism in  Museums: A Case Study of National Museum of China

Wu Linke