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Study on the Ancient Material Culture


Special Issue

Study on the Ancient Material Culture

• Regional Differences of Flat-stemmed Willow-leaf-shaped Bronze Daggers in Western and Eastern Zhou Dynasties

Fang Qing / Jin Meng

• Textual Research on the Shibaikai (史白开) Type of Bamboo Slips on the Wuyi Square Bamboo Slips: On the Characteristics of Signing Document in the Eastern Han Dynasty

Li Kaikai

• Research on the Shuanglu Chessboard Unearthed from Zhangsheng's Tomb of Sui Dynasty

Cai Jie

• Textural Research on Zou Luanfang's Epitaph of Tang Dynasty

Lu Yahui

• Exploration on Celadon with Moulded Design Excavated from the Dajie Kiln Site of Boshan in Shandong

Yao Bin / Wang Bin

• From Products Export to Technology Export: The Reform of the Export Mode of Longquan Kilns in Yuan and Ming Dynasties

Shen Yueming

• Appreciation about Thangka with Gurus of Sitting Face-to-face in the West of Tibet during Ming Dynasty and Thangka Paintings' History

Huang Chunhe

• Research on Stationery Accessories Unearthed from the Tomb of a Girl of  Hešeri Clan in Qing Dynasty

Pei Yajing

Theoretical Research

• Recreation of Art: Reverse Thinking of Exhibition's Form Design  

Huang Xueyin

• Analysis of New Trend and Direction of Exhibition on Archaeological Discovery

Yu Hui

• On the Female Practitioners of China Museum from 1949 to 1966

Xu Ling

• Museums and City Image: A Preliminary Discussion on the Symbolism and Functionality of Museum Architecture

Kong Da

Museum Practice

• Multidimensional Perspectives on the Interpretation of Cultural Relics in Exhibitions: Taking the Qinghai in the Belt and Road as an Example

Ni Chong

• The University Museum Exhibition and Education Program Planning: A Case Study on Re-encountering Confucius Launched by Hong Kong Museum of Education of The Education University of Hong Kong as an Example

Liu Li

• Research on the Identification of the Technical Copies of Painting and Calligraphy

Wang He

• Acid-free Cultural Relic Storage Box for Thangka Kurukulla

Zhang Jia

• Analysis on Retreatability in the Restoration of Wall Paintings in Collections

Liu Xuancheng

• Selection and Evaluation of Several Fungicides for Archaeological Unearthed Lacquerware

He Qiuju / Xu Xuan / Zhang Xuege / Li Jian / Zhao Guozhu

• Conservation and Research of the Ancient Lifting Tower Clock in the Palace Museum

Yang Xiaochen