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The Museum



• Museum-School Integrations Let Museum Resources Light up the Future: The Interview with Luo Jing

Luo Jing / Zhang Yana

• Plant the Seeds for Children in Museum: The Interview with Chen Ruping

Chen Ruping / Li Jiguang

Theoretical Research

• Research Report on the Status of Social Education Work of Chinese Museums (Public Ownership) During the 13th Five-Year Plan Period 

Huang Chen

• The Problems and Countermeasures of the In-Depth Development of Museum Youth Education

Zhao Jing

• The Construction of the Museum's Education System Based on the Educational Concept of Fostering Virtue Through Education

Dou Limin

• Multiple Intelligences Museum Aesthetic Education from the Perspective of Practice Path

Zhang Xiaopeng

• Children's Cultural Education in Museums

Guo Lan

• Review and Reflection on Museum-School Cooperation: Ideas, Practices and Third-Party Institutions

Guo Meixia

• Survey and Thoughts on Museum-School Cooperation

Luo Luo / Hu Fang / Song Xian

Museum Practice

• Construction of Museum-School Double-Subject Cooperation Mode under the Concept of Demassification: Taking Nanjing Museum as an Example

Zheng Jing

• On the Integration Strategy of Museum Education Resources for Primary and Middle School Students: A Case Study of Shandong Museum

Jiang Huimei

• Promoting the Development of Museum Education Through Training Professional Museum Teachers in Primary and Middle Schools: Taking the Practice of Museum Thematic Curriculum in Xi'an Qujiang No.2 Primary School as an Example

Shen Shen

• The Significance and Strategy of Embedded Project-Based Learning in Museum Education

Liu Fangfang / Li Guang

• 5R, a Bridge for Children to Learn in Museums: Interpretation of Exhibitions in Museums for Children from the Perspective of Emotional Interaction

Du Ying

• Research on the Creation of Museum Educational Readings from the Perspective of Regional Culture: Consider Natural History in the East Sea: Zhoushan Museum Cultural Relic Story Books as an Example

Li Feiqun

• Analysis of Museum Education Project Design Based on Expressive Art Therapy: Taking the Autism Children Project of Hebei Museum as an Example

Wang Xiaoyang

• Design Concept and Practice of the Theme Research Course of Cultural Relic Restoration and Protection in Henan Museum

Hua Xia / Hu Xiaoyu / Zhang Yihan

 Investigation and Reflection on Social Education for Teenagers of the World Heritage Site: Taking Liangzhu Civilization for Example

Yu Qiuna

• Investigation and Analysis on Audience Behavior from the Perspective of Museum Education: Taking Migratory Scholars and Brilliant Academic Achievements: Document Exhibition of The Ethnic Investigation Done by The National Southwestern Associated University as an Example

Liu Yang

 Research on the Application of Digital Game-Based Learning for Children in Chinese Museums: Taking Chinese Provincial Museums as Examples

Wu Di / Xie Ying