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New Media and Museum Cultural Communication


Special Issue

New Media and Museum Cultural Communication

• Social Media Museum Communication Mode and Communication Ecology

Song Xiangguang

• An Analysis of the Current Situation and Trend of the Application of New Media in Museums

Qi Qingguo

• Reflection on the Subjectivity of Museums in the Times of New Media

Xu Ling / Fan Jiefan

• Systematical Construction Strategy for Museum Relational Communication in the Perspective of New Media

Yang Jin

• The Future of Museums, Reshaping New Paradigm: A Thought About the Theme of International Museum Day 2021

Wang Siyi

• A Preliminary Study on Online Intelligent Communication for Museums: Taking National Museum of China as an Example

Yu Xiaojie / Ma Li

• Exploring the New Business Format of Museum Cultural Communication in the Mode of IP Authorization: A Case of Suzhou Museum

Jiang Han / Yu Yingying

• Thinking About Dissemination of Cultural Heritage Value in the New Media Era: Taking the Practice of Wellspring Studio as an Example

Wang Jiayue

Theoretical Research

• Emerging Technologies: Reshaping the Fundamental Functions of Museums  

Li Wuyan / Wang Xiaoming

• Inspiration of Skill Application of Single-Type Object Exhibition Design

Bo Haikun

• Research on Phoenix-Tail Vase of Longquan Kiln During the Yuan and Ming Dynasties

Zhou Xueyan

• Ming and Qing Trade Porcelain in Shipwrecks Along the Southeastern Coast of China and  Southeast Asia

Yang Tianyuan

Museum Practice

• Research on the Sustainable Development of the Astor Hotel in Tianjin as an Architectural Heritage

Liu Zunzhi / Guo Ziye / Du Yiru / Yang Xuejian

• The Collection and Utilization of Modern Removable Material Cultural Heritage of Ningbo Museum

Zhang Sitong

• On the Museum Protection and Utilization of Japanese Railway Industrial Heritage: Taking Kyoto Railway Museum as an Example

Chen Zhe

• The Protection and Utilization of the 20th Century Heritage: Taking Anhui Museum (Old Museum) as an Example

Zhao Tiantian / Ding Fei

• Analysis of Control Measures for Metro Vibration and Its Impact on Museum Building

Ren Wei

• Recovery Design and Establishment of Three-Dimensional Model on the Shipwreck of Huaguang Reef No.I

Bao Chunlei