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Date:May 18, 2021

Capital Museum of China Holds "Museum Night" Event

"Museum Night" is a special event at the Capital Museum of China in Beijing that launched on May 18, International Museum Day (IMD) 2021. The event is an attempt to revitalize the museum's exhibitions and to bring the audience into dialogue with history and civilization in the form of re-enactments. If you can spend the day at the museum quietly watching the exhibitions and reflecting on them, then at "Museum Night" you can stroll along the "Central Axis of Beijing" from the south to the north, from the past to the present. The site is currently in the bidding to be added to the World Heritage List. Visitors can walk along to the beat of drums and watch a Peking opera; or wander comfortably through the jingling sounds of the old Beijing hutongs and meet the characters from Lao She's classic plays. Visitors are invited to explore the traditional courtyard houses, and listen in on love stories and family trifles behind floral-pendant gates just as those in "Peking Man" by the renowned Chinese playwright Cao Yu. Visitors are also invited to experience the exciting May 4th Movement and may find museum staffs performing their idols. Visitors can join the volunteer team as well and take part in a discussion on how to serve the Winter Olympics. Meanwhile, visitors can get closer to the things they are familiar with through exhibitions and find understanding friends in the activities. Furthermore, the Capital Museum's "Read the City" project launched a new event titled "Read the City in Pleasant Space" based on an exhibition, which offers a pleasant learning center for children in the museum during the night.

             ▲ On-site activities of "Museum Night"

Bringing cultural heritage to life has always been a most considered issue of the museum professionals. During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, the Capital Museum of China has transformed its exhibitions into a renowned brand through three exhibition systems: interpretation of brilliant China, appreciation of smart Beijing and mutual learning among world civilizations. In the first year of the 14th Five-Year Plan, the museum will usher in more rich exhibition forms. "Museum Night" will bring visitors closer to the museum in an immersive and participatory way, allowing them to enjoy the museum's services for their own pleasure and education, and to enjoy a different kind of cultural journey. 

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