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Exhibition of Revolutionary Relics and Education


Special Issue

Exhibition of Revolutionary Relics and Education

• Study on the Distribution of Xinhua Daily in Xi'an During the Anti-Japanese War      

Liu Yan

• Thoughts on Propositional Design of Revolutionary Themed Exhibition: Taking the Special Exhibition for the 100th Anniversary of the Founding of the Communist Party of China as an Example

Li He / Meng Zhe

• Analysis on the Revolutionary Themed Education Activity Development Mode of Integrating Exhibition and Education into One in Museum: Taking the Hebei Museum Reading Star Dream Workshop Project as an Example 

Jia Yeqing

• Innovate the Concept and Practice of Youth Patriotism Education: Taking the Memorial Hall of the First National Congress of the Communist Party of China as an Example

Sun Zongshan

• Practice and Exploration of Informatization of Revolutionary Memorial Site in the Context of Internet: Taking Memorial Museum of Comrade Liu Shaoqi as an Example

Wu Libin

• How to Tell the Revolutionary Story Well in the New Era

Liu Yunze

Theoretical Research

• Research on the Porcelain Pillow with Paper-cut and Decal in Tang Dynasty

Liu Dong

• A Textual Research of Rebuilt Guandi Temple Stele of Qing Dynasty Unearthed from Beijige

Zhang Yunyan

• Textual Research on the Calligraphy Work Undersigned by Liu Yong in Capital Museum of China

Song Wenxi / Li Ruitao

• Study on Lehechong Contracts of Qing Dynasty Collected in Minzu Museum of Minzu University of China

Bai Xu

• Analysis on the Value of Glass Negatives about the Jia and Yi Tombs at Liulige of Huixian Collected in Henan Museum 

Cui Xiaolin

• Literature Review and Implications: Definition of Chinese Museums' Curator

Huang Yingying

• Study on Function and Effect of Museum in City Construction and Development

Yang Wenying

Museum Practice

• Site of Memory: A Museum Narrative and Performance Case Study of the Imperial War Museum in London

Yang Jing / Gong Yue

• Exhibition Exchange and Planning under the COVID-19 Pandemic: Sidelight of Asian Civilization Exhibition in Confucius Museum

Yang Xiaoyu

• Representation of Historical Documents in Exhibitions: Taking the Grand Banquet: The Exhibition of Southwest Bronzes as an Example

Wang Qiyue 

• The Trends and Techniques of Developing Participatory Public Programs: Thoughts Based on the Relevant Practices of the Clark Art Institute

Li Yingchong 

• Preliminary Study on the Recommended Routes of Museum Websites

Huang Gongda 

• Application of RFID Technology in Outbound Exhibitions of Museums

Chen Li 

• Reflections on Volunteers of Small- and Medium-sized Museums of China: Taking Shandong Province as an Example

Ma Haizhen / Liu Xinguo