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The Development and Branches of Museology


Special Issue

The Development and Branches of Museology

• The Invariability and Variation of Museum: a Salute to Sir Su Donghai

Hang Kan

• Review on Research Progresses of Chinese Museology in the 1980s

Liu Di

• Narrative in Exhibition: Methods and Perspective

Xu Jie

• The Future Museology: Museum as Public Intellectual and Emotional Influencer

Wang Siyi

• Interpreting and Reflecting the New Museology

Yin Kai

• The Introduction, Development and Future of New Museology

Wang Siyu

• What does Anthropology Do? Museum Studies under the Holistic Perspective

Du Hui

• The Primary Studies on Theory of Museum Education: Content, Development and Future

Zhou Jingjing / Ma Mengyuan

• Implementing the Role of "Curriculum" as the Main Channel in the Combinition of Museums and Elememtary & Secondary School Education in China

Zheng Yi / Luo Yunqing

• The Development of Museology in China under the Background of New Liberal Arts Construction

Huang Yang

Theoretical Research

• Research on the Opening Management of Museums in the Republic of China (1912-1949): Investigation Centered on Visiting Rules

Shi Yong

• The Social Semiotic Analysis on Cyber-Ritual of Memorial Museums: Based on "The National Memorial" Website

Zhang Junlong

• Research on the Principles and Methods of Subject Indexing of Cultural Objects: Based on the Documents Field

Shi Qianwen / Huang Mingyu

• On the Chinese Cultural Elements in the Ukiyo-e of Tsuki Hyakushi

Ding Chunyi

Museum Practice

• From "Cultural Relics Display" to "Historical Narrative": Curatorial Design Concept Analysis in the Case of Museum of Zhang Zhidong in Wuhan

Li Degeng

• Reflections on "Internet Plus Exhibition Cultural Activities": Based on the First Cooperation Between Chongqing China Three Gorges Museum and Meituan

Fu Wanping

• Challenges and Suggestions for the Museum Education Programs in Schools: Taking the Palace Museum as an Example

Deng Chenyu

• Mount, Display and Preservation System of a Broken and Incomplete Bronze Ware: A Case Study on a Bronze Pot with Over-top Handle Unearthed from Wenchang Pagoda, Hepu

Liu Yanqi

• The Application of 3D Printing Technology in the Replication of Metal Relics: Taking the Imitation of Gold-plated Bronze Guanyin Statue and Double Dragon Heads Three Wheels Plate in the National Museum of China as Examples

Zhang Pengyu

• Research on the Manufacturing Process of Red Lacquer Carving Embroidery Ball Type Qingcheng Lantern

Zhang Tong / Kang Baoqiang / Wang Na / Zhang Yun