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Study on the Children Audience in Museums


Special Issue

Study on the Children Audience in Museums

• Reflection and Improvement on Museum's Educational Activities for Family Visitors

Deng Zhuo / Liu Nan / Shu Chen / Yang Mengxia / Yu Xuemei / Tang Zhiting

• Research on Member's Cognition and Evaluation for the Education Projects of Children's Museum

Shang Xiuqin / Lin Junqiao / Zhao Yaqin

• Improving Visit Satisfaction of Nanjing Museum through Parent-Child Dialogue Research

Wang Weiyu / Zheng Jing / Gao Mengchen

• Applying DIY Evaluation in Art Museum Education: A Case Study of GDMoA Educational Program Conceiving My Art Museum, The First Lesson For Primary Students

Liu Duanling / Ye Xiaoqing / Ning Niya

• Advantages of the Pre-visit, During-the-visit and Post-visit Stages Learning Model in Science Museums: A Comparative Qualitative Study Based on Two Learning Modes and Their Effects

Xie Juan / Ji Jiao / Shang Xiuqin

Theoretical Research

• Literature Review on Museum Educational Games in China

Huang Tingting

• Brief Discussion on Children's Controversial Theme Exhibitions in Museums

Yuan Zhen

• The Concept, Present Situation and Development Trend of Museum Foundation

Zhang Binsheng / Xu Yan / Han Haili / Wang Xiaoming

• Study on Museum Brand Protection

Liu Songlin

• Bronze-sealed Mud Boxes Unearthed from the Tombs of Chu Kings of Western Han Dynasty in Xuzhou and Their Function

Zhou Bo

• Research on the Epitaph of Xing Liang in Tang Dynasty in Yangzhou

Wei Xu / Liu Gang / Qin Zonglin

• Study on Worship and Origin of Sariras Excavated from the Underground Palace of the Northern Song Dynasty in Da Bao' en Temple, Nanjing

Kan Yinghao / Wang Lele / Zhou Baohua / Ma Qinglin

Museum Practice

• Analysis of Audience Demand for the National Museum of China Guidance System

Zhao Jing / Zhao Liang

• Practice and Thinking of Museum Digital Communication in the New Era: Taking Henan Museum as an Example

Zhang Deshui / He Chuankai

• Reflections on the Overall Relocation of Museum Collections: Taking Hunan Museum as an Example

Liao Dan

• The Development Dilemma and Its Countermeasures of Time-honored Enterprise Museums: Taking Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region as an Example

Liu Yunjie

• The Conservation and Restoration Study on the Package of Brushes Painted with Gilded Cloud and Bat Pattern

Zhang Jingjing