Interpreting the Central Axis of Beijing through Maps

May 18, 2021 18:30 - 20:30 Reading City - Joy Space, B1 15 children aged 13-16

Series of Educational Activities Related to Exhibition"Pursuing Eternity: Conservation of Museum Collections in China"

04. Interpreting the Central Axis of Beijing through Maps

"Reading City: Interpreting the Central Axis of Beijing through Maps" is an interactive map designed for the"Reading City" series of exhibitions. Maps are loaded with history and the secrets of cities. With map interpretation, map-assisted explanations, exhibition room tours and other interactive experience activities, young people will understand the precision and credibility of the maps included in the book and discover the secrets of the Central Axis of Beijing from the perspective of time and space.

Lecturer: Bai Shujun

Graduating from the History Department of Beijing Normal University, Bai Shujun started work at the Capital Museum in 2014, and is responsible for the outline preparation, publicity & education and interpretation of the Capital Museum's featured project –"Reading City" and its relevant exhibitions. Her major academic achievements include being the curator of the exhibition"Reading City – Exploring the Central Axis of Beijing" and the exhibition"Reading City – The Great Beauty of Beijing." She is also the editor-in-chief of project"Reading City: Interpreting the Central Axis of Beijing through Maps"; editor of the exhibition board of the project"Cultural Heritages Telling History" at community schools; and editor of the Wisdom of the Ancient People in Museums.

Zhou Min

Zhou Min is an editor, a registered surveyor and a national leader in journalism and publishing. She enjoys the Special Allowance of the Government paid by the State Council. She has been engaged in map preparation and publication at SinoMaps Press for nearly 40 years, was the editor for many large and medium-sized map works, presided over or participated in many provincial and ministerial key projects, and involved herself in the editing and publication of many award-winning books. Nowadays, she is mainly engaged in the curriculum development of the study and practice activities of SinoMaps Press.


Registration Date: May 18, 2021 18:30 - 20:30