Exploring the Alpacas of Peru's Andean Civilization

14:00 - 15:30, June 12, 2021 Paper Art Space (formerly the Colorful Workshop), B1 40 children aged 7-13

Exploring the Alpacas of Peru's Andean Civilization

On this year's "Cultural and Natural Heritage Day," we welcome you to explore the secrets of Peru's Andean Civilization at the Capital Museum. Alpacas were especially important for the Andeans. What are the untold stories between alpacas and the Andeans in their special geographical environment? The museum will help you understand Andean Civilization and their alpacas. You will also be given the chance to paint their beautiful ornaments with your own hands.

On June 12, we look forward to taking you to the world of intangible cultural heritage and appreciate the infinite charm of traditional culture and art.


Registration Date: June 12