Porcelain Wares from Imperial Kiln in Kangxi Period of Qing Dynasty
Date: July 14th ,2015 – February 28th, 2016
Time: 9:00 – 17:00 (close on Mondays)
Venue: Hall D, F3
Porcelain Wares from Imperial Kiln in Kangxi Period of Qing Dynasty


Emperor Kangxi (1654 – 1722), named as Aisin Gioro Xuanye, is an excellent emperor of Qing Dynasty. He safeguarded the country’s sovereignty and developed a more powerful Qing Empire. By Emperor Kangxi’s great efforts, the increasing national power and peaceful social environment strongly boosted the development of the domestic economy and culture, which especially laid a solid foundation for the flourishing production of Kangxi’s imperial kiln.

The porcelain of imperial kiln in the Kangxi Period was vital in the Chinese porcelain history. To be specific, it not only inherited the porcelain making tradition of Ming Dynasty in Jingdezhen, but also assimilated the tradition and innovation to enrich the types and enhance the artistic taste of porcelain.

As Emperor Kangxi has carried out a series of measure to vitalize the imperial kiln production, his contribution was highlighted in the Chinese ceramic history. His knowledge in history and culture, artistic accomplishment, and strong passion toward Western science and technology, put a great influence on the development of ceramic production in the imperial kilns.

Porcelain with Underglaze Blue and Red Color

Represented by underglaze blue (the blue and white ware) and underglaze copper red wares, the porcelain with underglaze painting made by Kangxi imperial kiln were improved on the basis of technology and experience of former dynasties.

By the Kangxi period, the underglaze blue color of the porcelain is usually bright and clear and could show various shades of blue as it was applied to the areas of lights and darks of the painting, so the patterns on the wares are rich with three-dimensional feeling. People also praised these wares the “Colorful Blue and White”.

The production of underglaze copper red porcelain was restored under the Kangxi reign. The craftsmen well controlled the appearance of copper red and stabilized the color. It made the Kangxi underglaze copper red porcelain very elegant, and its design have clear lines.


Blue and white club-shaped vase with design of archery contest

Height: 44.5 cm, mouth diameter: 12.3 cm, bottom diameter: 14.2 cm

The Palace Museum


Blue and white kalasa with design of Four Arts

Height: 47.8 cm, mouth diameter: 12.5 cm, bottom diameter: 12.2 cm

The Palace Museum


Blue and white meiping vase with design of dragon, cloud and sea wave

Height: 23 cm, mouth diameter: 3.5 cm, bottom diameter: 9 cm

The Palace Museum


Blue and white garlic-head vase with design of monster face

Height: 41 cm, mouth diameter: 6.5 cm, bottom diameter: 13 cm

The Palace Museum


Blue and white phoenix-tail-shaped vase with cock and peony design

Height: 47 cm, mouth diameter: 21.5 cm, bottom diameter: 14 cm

The Palace Museum


Blue and white jar with design of babies and ladies

Height: 34 cm, mouth diameter: 11.7 cm, bottom diameter: 16.4 cm

The Palace Museum