Gangwa-kiln white-glazed prunus vase with engraved floral design against black background

Liao Dynasty (907~1125 AD)
Height: 42.2 cm, Rim Diameter: 7.3 cm

Gangwa Kiln, located at Gangwayao Village in Chifeng City in present Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, was one of the important porcelain kilns within the territory of Liao Dynasty.
The prunus vase, also called Jing vase, was wine container that first appeared and became prevalent in Northern Song Dynasty, and was also very common in Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties. In Qing Dynasty, they were usually used as furnishing article or as flower vases. It has a small mouth, a slender neck, a broad shoulder and a contracted belly. The tiny mouth could only hold plum branches, therefore its name.