Xianfeng Yuanbao coin

Qing Dynasty
Diameter: 6.8 cm, Weight: 78.2 g

The coins have regular-script characters Xianfeng yuanbao on the obverse. On the reverse are the Chinese characters dangqian (equivalent to 1,000 cash) above and below the hole, and the Manchu words baogong on the left and right. In the reign of Xianfeng, common coins were called tongbao, coins worth four to fifty cash zhongbao, and coins worth a hundred cash and above yuanbao, with as many as five grades of value. In the fifth year in the reign of Xianfeng (1855 AD), the mint in Gansu produced seven types of coins with various values, shapes and sizes and widely different weights. These two coins are exquisitely wrought, with elegant inscriptions. They are of high value because the mint had produced very few dangqian coins.