Daqing Baochao paper money

Qing Dynasty
24 × 13.2 cm
Size: 24 × 13.2 cm

The Daqing Baochao paper money was issued in the third year of Xianfeng (1853). It has various values measured in terms of copper cash. The four characters Daqing Baochao on top of its face means ‘Great Qing paper money’, which are flanked by the words ‘to be circulated all over the country for fair transaction’. On both sides of the square frame in the middle are characters indicating the serial number and the year in which it was made. In the middle is a printed picture of a number of standard copper coins stamped with a seal saying ‘Great Qing paper money’. Below that is a note saying that the paper money could be used in place of copper cash for paying all sorts of taxes, that it was recognized by all tax bureaus outside Beijing, and that two thousand copper cash could be exchanged for a paper bill worth a tael of silver. Imitating Great Ming paper money, the bill is bordered with a dragon pattern with a wavy pattern beneath. It is made of kraft paper, with characters and patterns printed in blue. Such bills were issued from the third to the ninth year of Xianfeng’s reign.