Running-cursive script of Yanzhi Shu

Hand scroll
Zhang Ruitu
Ming Dynasty
154×51 cm

Zhang Ruitu (1570-1644), who styled himself Changgong and with the alternative name Ershui, was a famous calligrapher in Ming Dynasty. He was a native of Jinjiang, Fujian Province. He was adept in running and cursive script and skillful with solid and side brushstrokes. His calligraphy style was elegant and had its own unique feature. Together with Xing Tong, Mi Wanzhong and Dong Qichang, He was regarded as one of the Four Famous Calligraphers in Late Ming Dynasty. This hanging scroll was written in 1625. The content came from the essay Yanzhi Shu by Xiao Dayuan, but some characters are different with the original work.