Disciples of Confucius

Hand scroll
Ink and color on silk
Song Dynasty (AD 960-1279)
Length 32.3cm , width 870cm

This scroll is the paining of the statues of the disciples of Confucius, 59 statues in total. They were painted in ink, with vivid color, and the characters were with different postures. On the scroll there is a rectangular seal of the 3rd year of Shun Zhi period (1646) of Qing Dynasty, which was the Qing Dynasty’s imperial palace collector’s seal, and there is also an inscription by Emperor Qian Long. This scroll was recollected by the royal court during Qian Long period of Qing Dynasty (1736-1795). An excerpt of a postscript by Jiang Pu can be found at the end of the scroll. The collaborated postscript by Wang Jie, Cao Zhi, Peng Yuanrui, Dong Gao and others is found nest to it. , By careful examination of the contents of the scroll, the characters in the paining were considered as disciples of Confucius.