Feet Immersing in Paulownia Shade

Hanging scroll
by Shen Zhou
Ming Dynasty
Ink and color on silk
Length 199cm ,width 97.5cm

Shen Zhou (1427-1509)), who styled himself Qinan, with the alternative name Shitian, and self-claimed as Bai Shiweng (Bai Shi old man), was a native of Changzhou (now Suzhou, Jiangsu Province), and the founder of the “Wumen school”, and also one of the “Four Masters of the Ming Dynasty” (Shen Zhou, Wen Zhengming, Tang Yin, and Qiu Ying). His painting works had two kinds: brush and refined brush. His style was powerful, refreshing, and more pedantic and he was the representative of the Ming Dynasty’s paintings by scholars and officials. This painting shows the quiet valley and deep lake, with peace and tranquility.. The mountains and rocks in this painting are dominated by outlines with applying colors and the colors are mineral blue and mineral green --bright but not tacky. The branches were drawn in bold brushwhich shows the vigorous artistic conception. The leaves were drawn in outlines, and the color was dyed in vegetation green--the calm color. On the top right corner of the painting, there is a self-titled poem.