Native Land of Reeds

Hand scroll
by Dong Qichang, etc.
Ming Dynasty
Ink and color on paper
Length 24cm, width 278.7cm

Dong Qichang (1555-1636), who styled himself Xuanzai, with alternative names of Sibai, Siweng, and Xiangguang Jushi, was a native of Huating (now Songjiang, Shanghai). He was the representative of the “Huating school”, and the leader of the late Ming Dynasty paintings. He specialized in landscape paintings, which were in subtle elegance and vividness. He promoted paintings by scholars and officials, and had a significant impact on the paintings of Qing Dynasty. Both of the emperors Kang Xi and Qian Long liked his calligraphies and paintings, so his paining style was strikingly rife in the whole contry during that period. This painting was a joint work . The first part depicts the landscape with self-titled “Native Land of Reeds in Autumn” by Dong Qichang. Later, another inscription was added by Chen Jiru, saying that it was better to be titled as “Native Land of Perches”. Since then, Zhuang Yan, Zhu Nianxiu, Li Shaoji, Chen Lian, Shi Jiaohuan, Lan Ying, Wu Zhen continued to add something to the painting, and there is an inscription of the year “Gui Chou (41st year of Wan Li, 1613)” signed by Lan Ying, and “Ren Zi (40th year of Wan Li, 1612)” signed by Wu Zhen.