Spring Scenery in SouthernChina

Hand scroll
by Wen Zhengming
Ming Dynasty
Ink and color on paper
Length 26.2cm, width 124cm

Wen Zhengming (1470-1559), original name Bi, who styled himself Zheng Ming, and was alternatively called Hengshan Jushi, was a native of Changzhou (now Suzhou, Jiangsu Province). He was the representative of “Wumen School”, and one of the “Four Masters of the Ming Dynasty”. He specialized in figures, landscapes, flowers and birds, especially got outstanding achievements in landscape paintings, which mostly described the theme of Southern landscapes. His representative work is Zhen Shang Zhai (hand scroll). The spring mountains in the painting were painted in mineral green and umber, with inscriptions of the sayings sung by Zhou Fu, and one poem “Southern Spring” by Ni Yunlin, and seals in intagliated characters “Zheng”and “Ming” .