Light tan satin lined gown with veiled cloud and round dragon patterns

Early Qing Dynasty
Length: 137 cm, Sleeve Span: 175 cm, Chest Circumference: 103.5 cm
Unearthed from a Qing tomb at Sidaokou in the northern suburbs of Beijing Collected in the Capital Museum

This is a double-breasted gown with a stand-up collar, front and back panels, and straight sleeves. There is a roundel pattern enclosing two dragons playing with a pearl and a cloud pattern on the light tan eight-heddle satin. The roundel pattern measures 21 cm in diameter; each of the repetitive patterns measures 48 cm in the warp-wise direction and 37 cm in the weft-wise direction; the stand-up collar measures 8.5 cm high. There are five amber buttons down the front.