Rock-shaped Green Jade Article Carved with Figures of Walking Immortals

Qing Dynasty (1644-1911)
Width 31cm, height 26cm
Unearthed from Yuanmingyuan ruins in Haidian District, Beijing in 1963

Most of the rock-shaped jade articles in Qing Dynasty were modeled in ancient paintings. Combined with the art of painting, they promoted jade carving crafts to a new level. This article was made of green jade, with yellow leather tufts in between of bluish green. The whole set was carved from jade pebbles, using traditional Chinese paintings techniques of far mountains and near sceneries. The three figures, young and old, on the article are walking on the steep cliffs with different postures, and under their feet, there are bridges and streams with luxuriant woods by the sides of the mountains---a pleasant natural scenary.