Sapphire Ruyi-sceptre of Fortune

Qing Dynasty (1644-1911)
Length 34.5cm ,width of the headpiece 7.2cm
Unearthed from the tomb of the prince of Qian long, reign of Qing Dynasty in Miyun County

Ruyi-sceptre is a Chinese traditional mascot, which consists of a handle and a headpiece. A headpiece of Ruyi-sceptre is often made in the shapes of the heart, the branch or the cloud as a plything., The sapphire Ruyi-sceptre in Qing Dynasty was the most favoured auspicious jade which was not only a treasure in the hands of nobles, but also a precious gift given by nobles to each other. This sapphire Ruyi-sceptre shines with green color mixed with yellow, with lock patterns. The whole piece was carved with the patterns of glossy ganoderma, fine jar, and bat,, indicating fortune, longevity and peace. It was still excellently bright after being unearthed.