Statue of Amitabha

Second year of Yong Long in Tang Dynasty (AD 681)
Gold-plated Copper
Height 14.4cm
Unearthed from Miyun County, Beijing

Amitabha is the leader of the Western Paradise claimed by Buddhism. The figure has spiral hair, with a high spherical bun on the top, and the face is dignified. He wears a kasaya with a bare right shoulder, and the clothes grains are natural and smooth. He sits in cross-legged posture, with hands putting in a meditation gesture. Under the body there is a waist style lotus throne supported by a four-legged seat bed, and with carved inscriptions on the seat bed. There is a large boat-shaped nimbus behind the figure, whose inner rings were carved with lotus petals and outer rings carved with flame patterns. The whole statue has perfect shape with delicate techniques. It is a rare top quality Buddhist statue in Tang Dynasty.