Statue of Padmapani

The Divided Tubo period (AD 9-13 century)
Gold-plated Copper
Height 120cm

The figure wears three-leave-shaped crown, wearing his hair in a high bun, and a fan-shaped crown knot crossing out of the ears. And there is rolled U-shaped silk fabrics,with the excess hair drooping on the shoulders. The face is long and round with square urna decorated between the eye-brows. The image looks dignified. The upper body is bare, with collars, jeweled necklaces and strings hung on the neck, with a connected holy belt on the left shoulder. The lower body is dressed in a thin skirt, with pleated drooping belts between the legs, and the limbs decorated with bracelets. Thefigure is standing in S-shape naturally; the muscles are plump and elastic, with left hand putting on the chest, and right hand drooping fearlessly . The whole shape and the decorative pattern reflects the typical style of the Indian Pala statues. It is a rare treasure of the early Tibetan Buddhist statues.