Statue of Padmapani

Tubo period (AD 7-9 century)
Gold-plated Copper
Height 30.5cm

While the art of Tibetan Buddhist Statues was absorbing foreign art in Tubo Dynasty period, it also paid attention to the integration with the local Tibetan artistic factors, which is revealed in this statue. The figure wears a triple crown, with a dignified and charming face. He wears a collar robe, with pleated ribbons on both sides of thighs. His hands are raised on the chest, holding the stem and the lotus open at the shoulders. A grand oval nimbus, whose outer edge has jagged flame light can be seen behind the statue. He wears high boots, stepping on large round padmasana. The style was affected by Nepal art significantly, but the style of the dress was from the upper nobilities of Tubo. This statue has great values in studying the Statues of Buddha and fashion culture in Tubo period of Tibet.