Statue of Mahasiddha Birwapa

Yong Le Period of Ming Dynasty (AD 1403-1424)
Gold-plated Copper
Height 33cm

Birwapa is one of the 84 Indian Mahasiddhas, and is the important guru enshrined by Sa-Skya-pa of Tibetan Buddhism. He wears a crown, with a round face, round and prominent eyes, and the image looks mighty. He bears a spiral beard on his cheek and chinwith big ring lobes under his ears, a typical Indian face. His upper body wears a collar, with jeweled necklaces and strings of ornaments on the chest; his lower body is covered with animal skin, and his wrist, arms and feet are decorated with bracelets. He sits in playfully with natural and strong arms and legs. His right hand is holding a skull bow lnear his chest, his left hand is holding high, with his index finger pointing to the sky, indicating the story scene of Birwapa’s holding the sun by his hand when he bets with the woman selling liquor. There are inscriptions engraved on the base of the statue with characters of Da Ming Yong Le Nian Shi. The whole statue is tall , with a high artistic level, and is a rare masterpiece of palace statues in Ming Dynasty.