Statue of the Fourth Panchen Lama

Qing Dynasty (AD 1644-1911)
Gold-plated Copper
Height 40.5cm

The fourth Panchen (AD 567-1662), whose Buddhist monastic name was Losang Choskyi Gyaltsan, was one of the most influential eminent monks in Tibet’s political and religious history. This statue sits in cross-legged posture on padmasana, without a crown on his head, the back of the head is oddly big, and a a swelling on his forehead; his eyes wide open, with a straight nose closed lips, a sharp jawand high cheekbones. He wears monk dress inside, kasaya and monk cloak come next, with the right shoulder bare. The clothes grains are smooth and vigorous. . His right hand puts on the right leg touching the ground, and his left hand sets under the belly button in meditation gesture, and the overall image is strange and realistic which vividly reveals the outstanding features of the Fourth Panchen, and it is a highly artistic portrait statue. There are carved inscriptions of Tibetan, which shows that inside this stature, there is the sarira of the Fourth Panchen, and his merit is incomparably excellent.