Pot with the Eight-Diagrams pattern

Yuan Dynasty
Height: 39 cm, Rim Diameter: 9.5 cm, Bottom Diameter: 11 cm
Collected in the Capital Museum

This pot has a straight mouth, with two ears on opposite sides, a long straight neck, a round and broad shoulder and a bulging belly tapering downwards and a flat bottom. The ears are adorned with a thunder pattern, the neck with a tile pattern, and the shoulder with a circle of square spiral pattern sandwiched by bow-string designs. The belly is decorated with an Eight-Diagrams pattern, and with a band of lotus petal pattern in its lower part. The vessel is a Tou Hu (pitch-pot) used in a game which started in the Spring and Autumn Period or Warring States Period and became popular in the Jin, Tang, Song, Jin and Yuan dynasties.