Double-eared laver with human-shaped legs

Han Dynasty
Height: 14.5 cm, Rim Diameter: 27 cm
Collected in the Capital Museum

This laver is shaped like a deep basin. It has a broad mouth with a slightly curved edge, a contracting belly adorned with two rings in beast heads on opposite sides and a flat bottom. The legs are in the shape of three human figures standing akimbo. They have open-wide eyes and mouths, wearing only short skirts, with the upper body naked and holding the basin on their shoulders. The belly of the basin is decorated with a group of raised cords. As a daily-used washing vessel, this laver resembles the late Warring States Period dui vessel with human-shaped legs in both the form and the decoration, which was unearthed at Langyashan in Huailai and presently collected in Hebei Provincial Institute of Cultural Relics.