Blue-and-white plate with design of Kylin

Kang Xi period in Qing Dynasty (1662-1722)
Height (with lid) 8.9cm, diameter of mouth 35.8cm, diameter of bottom 18.5cm

This plate has a wide open mouth, an arc-shaped belly, ring-foot, and slightly concave on the exterior bottom. On the center of the plate there craved kylin (Chinese unicorn), with rocks, plantain and clouds in the background. The mouth edge was glazed in a circle of deep brown. There is a double-ring blue-and-white script in seal characters on the bottom. The colour is thick and concentrated; the glaze reveals blue-white. It is shapely and unadorned. The kylin is an ancient legendary auspicious animal, which has a deer body, , a single horn and a bull’s tail. It has scales on the whole body, which indicates auspiciousness. The kylin is one of the ancient “four spirits” ( kylin, , phoenix, turtle and dragon). The design of kylin as a porcelain decorative theme started in Jingdezhen Yao in Yuan Dynasty. This plate has the picture of kylin indicating good wishes.