Principles for Free Admission (As of March 1st, 2009)

According to a Notice on Free Admission to Public Museums and Memorial Halls, Capital Museum has offered free admission to visitors since 28 March 2008. The Notice was jointly issued by the Department of Central Propaganda, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Culture, and the State Administration Bureau for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage and Historical Relics.

In order to further meet visitor expectations and provide a more secure and comfortable environment, our museum has introduced a reservation system.

How to gain free admission:

I. Reservation systems:

1. Online reservations: Access the official website of Capital Museum, then go to the ‘online registration’ page and follow the instructions to make reservations. Data will be registered automatically by the system.
2. Telephone reservations: Call the reservation office of the Capital Museum. The office is open from 9:00 to 17:00 every day including holidays.

*Either system will issue a confirmation number. Visitors will be required to show the number or valid ID in order to receive free entrance tickets on the day of their visit.

II. Guidelines for Reservations:

1. Make ticket reservations at least one day before the desired visit. The next reservation can be made after 7 days. Reservation cannot be made on the day of the visit.
2. Number of reservation is limited to 6,000 people every day, with a maximum number of 4,000 individual visitors and 2,000 group visitors.
3. Individual visitors may use online or telephone system to make reservations for free tickets. Real names are required on the reservation. It is necessary to fill in the full name, contact information and valid ID number. A visitor cannot make reservations for more than 5 individual visitors at a time.
4. We encourage groups and travel agencies to make reservations by telephone. Requirements: name of tour group, full name of person making reservation, contact information and number of visitors in group.

III. Receiving tickets:

1. Visitors with confirmed reservations can get their tickets at the designated counter on the day of the visit. No admission after 16:00.
2. For groups and travel agencies, tickets are available in advance. Free tickets will be available from the next day of the confirmation until 16:00 the day before their visit.

* In order to obtain their free tickets, individual visitors are required to show the reservation number or valid ID at the counter. Groups or travel agencies are required to show credentials of the affiliation or the valid ID of the person who is in charge of the tour. Confirmation number and free tickets are valid on the day of visit and expire at the end of that day.

IV. Time and Location of Ticketing:

Time period to receive tickets:
9:00 to 16:00, from Tuesday to Sunday every week (Museum closed on Mondays)

Place to pick up tickets:
Individual visitors may pick up free tickets at the ticket counter of the North Entrance; group visitors and visitors led on a travel tour may pick up free tickets at the ticket counter of the East Entrance of the first basement level.

V. Relevant information:

Ticket-reservation is subject to change when there is a large museum event or a special opening ceremony for new a exhibition. Capital Museum will make a public announcement in advance. Please visit the official website or inquire by telephone for detailed information.

Official website of Capital Museum
Telephone reservation (individual visitors) 6339-3339
Telephone reservation (group visitors) 6337-0458
Inquiry Hotline 6337-0491/6337-0492