The Capital Museum deems it important to provide visitor services of all aspects with high efficiency. With the complete array of service facilities in the entrance lobby ,visitors will understand the “People-First “service philosophy from the moment they step into the museum. Located by the entrance are self-service and staffed locker rooms for visitors. Wheelchairs and baby carriages are available for visitors with special needs. Professional consultants and guides are on hand to help. Visitors can book tickets by telephone or via the Internet. Upon entering the museum, they will be immediately impressed by the advanced ticket system serving them.

After entering the lobby, visitors may access various modes of reaching the exhibition halls: escalator, sightseeing elevator, or the elevator for disabled, wheelchairs. In addition to professional commentators in the exhibition halls, 15 advanced self-service screens, and 6 special ones for those in wheelchairs have been installed in the exhibit areas. Visitors may read, download data, or carry out interactive operations at these screens. Also installed in the museum are 18 card telephones including 6 for those in wheelchairs. In addition, infant-nursing rooms complete with baby articles have been prepared for use by visitors. Even umbrellas are provided for visitors in case of sudden rain. 


In addition to basic services, the museum has many other special services. For example, the multi-purpose hall has equipment for simultaneous interpretation in six different languages, wireless Internet visits, and digital projection for art performances, conferences, and large-scale activities. The digital cinema with a panoramic wide screen displays high-definition digital films and digital 3-D films. The interactive multi-media hall is equipped with high-configuration computers, high-definition digital players, and high-fidelity earphones, and has a long list of audio and video programs from which visitors may choose. The lobby’s stage provides a venue for small and medium-scale art performances.

In order to fulfill its role as a public venue for cultural activities and enjoyment , a restaurant, shop, bar, café and many other leisure-oriented service facilities are available in the museum to meet the catering, shopping and enjoyment wishes of visitors after satisfying their cultural pursuits elsewhere in the museum.

Making best use of it advantages and features , the museum service achieves its people-first philosophy and gives visitors an exceptional experience and a happy memory