We have long dreamed of reserving a small section of the official website of the Capital Museum for exclusive use by the volunteers of the museum. This section may be too small to accommodate long reports or discussions, but will be large enough for free communication and exchange. This dream of ours has come true; we have decided to name the section the ‘Volunteers’ Garden.’ It is our hope that all that come to the garden, be they males or females, old or young, will unite and live in harmony with each other as members under the same roof.

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The new Capital Museum is located on west Chang’an Avenue. If you are enthusiastic about public-interest activities, you will surely want to join us and contribute your efforts to the museum.
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For the convenience of the audience , here we publish the information of the galleries which provides volunteer services.  Welcome to our museum to enjoy  the  vivid  interpretation of the volunteers.
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Ms. Xu Lanping, a volunteer commentator who has served in the Exhibition Hall of the History and Culture of Beijing as an Ancient Capital for more than 150 hours.