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As a comprehensive museum affiliated with the Beijing Municipal Government, the Capital Museum specializes in presentation of Beijing’s 500,000-year history as a habitat of human beings, 3,000-year history as a city, and 800-year history as a capital; it shoulders the heavy tasks of collection, classification, restoration, preservation, research, and education related to the historical and cultural relics in Beijing. It also serves as a major venue for cultural exchange between Beijing and other parts of the world.

On display in the 11 exhibition halls and kept in the warehouse of the Capital Museum are more than a million items and written evidence of ancestral activities, including a large number of exquisitely produced artistic works and precious historical records. Invaluable, this collection stands as proof of the untiring creativity and lasting vitality of our great nation.

There are also three exhibition halls in the museum specially designed for housing high-grade temporary exhibitions from other parts of China and the world. Their establishment not only demonstrates the broad mind of an absorptive and world-oriented Beijing, but also constantly calls our attention to the unity and diversity of development of human history and culture.

We welcome everyone to visit our website to get to know our museum and, through it, to understand Beijing and China as a whole. We welcome friends from within China and from abroad to our museum where, by witnessing the past and present of Beijing, China and the world, you will get a better understanding of yourselves.


Guo Xiaoling,
Director of Capital Museum