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01  All exhibitions in the museum are free.                


05 Inebriated and improperly-dressed persons will be refused entry.                


02  The museum opens from Tuesday to Sunday, 9:00 - 17:00 (no admission 

           after 16:00), but is closed on Mondays (except for holidays).      


06 Inflammable and explosive materials, knives subject to control and dangerous                 

           articles cannot be brought into the museum.         


03  Please make ticket reservations at least one day before the desired visit and 

           obtain your free ticket with your reservation number.   


07  Photography is permitted, but flash and tripod is not allowed.       


04  Please keep your valid ID (passport) available for inspection.  


08  In case of an emergency, please follow the directions of our museum staff.  


Thank you for your cooperation.


Official website of Capital Museum                


Telephone reservation (individual visitors) +86 (10) 63393339                


Telephone reservation (group visitors) +86 (10) 63370458               


Inquiry Hotline +86 (10) 63370491